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Friday, July 25, 2008

Hey, a thing.

Out of practice, yes, but still just as bizarre.

This is the home of one Ermelius Mitrodior, bookkeeper and astronomer. it was built by a dwarf mason union immediately after they were informed that their pay from the city would be reduced by half. The telescope is worth five times as much as the structure itself, but no one is foolish enough to try to get to the top floor to steal it. More doodlings to follow sometime.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Well, so much for that whole "regular posting for the hockey pool" malarkey. Um. I'm winning!

Maybe I will start drawing a bit more. Maybe. Working nonstop on assembly, and whatever else needs doing, is sort of a drag. Also, the Leafs suck right now and it's a downer. People leaving town is a downer, too. Lots of downers.

I just bought Rush's six earliest albums though. Upper. And I played "Roam" by the B-52s on Rock band perfectly. Upper. Also a crab-tank transformer is coming to me in the mail soon. Also upper.

Things ain't all that bad.

And now, sleep.

P.S. - Wish you wouldn't go away,
I know I'll have the nerve someday,
But Winter's chill and icy gray,
And fear and doubt came into play,
And that's a poor excuse as any
I'm afraid, the first of many
Whatever then, the window closes
Icicles on chilly noses
Froze the moment, froze the feeling
Fascination, most appealing
Maybe in some new dimension
All the love, without the tension.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Fatkat Hockey Pool 2007-08

Something I'm going to try and make regular on this blog will be reports on our office pool here at Fatkat, which I'm heading up as commissioner. So far we've got seven teams, and I'll take as many more as want to join by Friday afternoon. Once all the dust settles on that, I'll list off the teams and you can get to know your favourite hooligans.

Also, check out, which is my site for our in-office Blood Bowl league. First games take place this Sunday, and there'll be a report there about how it all went down. Don't know what Blood Bowl is? google it up!

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

We Who Are About to Fall Salute You!

Magical Mister Mudd seems to have Dave the Barbarian beaten...until fate's cruel hand ties his laces together.

Foam fighting at the Wharf for the first time of what we hope will be many.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

When in Doubt, Hockey.

Still feeling bummed out, but when all else fails, the hockey bug bites me and takes some of the edge off and keeps the bile in the stomach where it belongs. SO, as a Leafs fan, looking at the recent draft and its surrounding activity, I have to say I'm pleased. Not pleased as punch, mind you, but pleased. You have to give up a few things to fix a few problems, and one of the problems last year was that Raycroft was expected to handle a schedule like Brodeur and carry this team on the PK. A few picks in a weak draft later, and enter Vesa "Count" Toskala riding high into town on the back of a shark, emerging from Nabokov's shadow and discarding the teal and grey of San Jose for the heavy, dripping-with-history blue of the Leafs. Also along for the ride is Mark "Taco" Bell, who in a perfect world might be playing on a line with Andy "Mc" MacDonald and Tim Horton himself, in some sort of delicious, fattening trio.

Many are upset about the loss of our first round pick. I think at this time, the Leafs can afford it, simply due to the perpetual logjam of young fellers in the system now. It might be different if the D weren't so stacked, and I'm thinking Kubina might be moved for some more free agent money. As with all things, time will tell.

Speaking of young fellers, I'm thrilled to see Chris DiDomenico get picked up by the Blue and White. To be honest, living a few towns away from Saint John now, and not really having a consistent hookup to radio or television outside of trips to Boston Pizza, I wasn't even aware he was in the draft. Now, I know he's a little guy right now, weight-wise, but he scored twenty five goals and fifty assists this past season. With the SEA DOGS. Do you know how bad the Sea Dogs were this year? I was there to see it. Imagine what this lad will do with a team that 1. has some other talents onboard and 2. isn't changing its roster more often than some people change their underwear. In short, DiDo was a steal for the Leafs, and in an NHL that is rewarding the small, fast, clean player, he can bulk up to 180 or so and really, really have an imapct. Let's hope he develops.

And now it's time to go for lunch and buy tickets to Transformers, my other sweet, pain-dulling, hope-giving diversion.

DiDomenicon, Transform and Roll Out!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jealousy, Anger and Confusion

Just giving you a glimpse into my head at this time.

That is all.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Well, it probably isn't as big as it sounds.

This Summer, the First Step to Learning All the Forgetting Everything You Know.

Stroudwerks Productions presents a Matt Stroud Adventure, in association with Dungeons and Dragons.

LONG DISTANCE VOYAGERS. Coming soon to a tabletop near me.

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