Mechanically Inclined

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Well, so much for that whole "regular posting for the hockey pool" malarkey. Um. I'm winning!

Maybe I will start drawing a bit more. Maybe. Working nonstop on assembly, and whatever else needs doing, is sort of a drag. Also, the Leafs suck right now and it's a downer. People leaving town is a downer, too. Lots of downers.

I just bought Rush's six earliest albums though. Upper. And I played "Roam" by the B-52s on Rock band perfectly. Upper. Also a crab-tank transformer is coming to me in the mail soon. Also upper.

Things ain't all that bad.

And now, sleep.

P.S. - Wish you wouldn't go away,
I know I'll have the nerve someday,
But Winter's chill and icy gray,
And fear and doubt came into play,
And that's a poor excuse as any
I'm afraid, the first of many
Whatever then, the window closes
Icicles on chilly noses
Froze the moment, froze the feeling
Fascination, most appealing
Maybe in some new dimension
All the love, without the tension.

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